Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some quick answers about DISC to help you understand how we can help grow your digital printing business:

Who is DISC?

DISC designs and manufactures systems and then supplies consumables allowing industrial digital printing operations to significantly reduce their cost to print.

What applications are supported?

All types of inkjet inks can be manufactured by DISC. Water based inks are the one of the best opprotunities to siginificantly reduce cost. We are targeting our intiial efforts toward the textile printing market.

How does DISC reduce printing cost?

Manufacturing ink on-site is now done in many analog industrial printing operations. For example, large textile screen printing operations purchase ink components and colorants and make ink batches for each print run in "Color Kitchens". DISC allows similar processes to make inkjet ink but at the high qulaity and purity level required for digital printing.

How do you support the customer?

The DISC team are exerts ink inkjet technology with extensive experience in printhead, ink and printer technologies. We expect a long term partnership that grows your business by redcuing costs. Our goal is to assure the highest quality, maximize up-time and minimize cost-to-print.

Where do supplies come from?

Colorants and components that make up the ink formulaiton are qualified for the DISC systems and come from the same suppliers used by the major ink companies.

How do you maintain quality and assure printer up-time?

The DISC system measures each physical attrribute of the ink, such as viscosity, surface tension,PH, particle size, and color, assuring quality before it goes into the printer.