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23rd Annual

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New Ink-on-Demand & On-Site Paradigm Provides High Quality at Lower Cost
Mike Raymond, Global Marketing and Business Development, Digital Ink Systems Corporation,

  • Digital Transformation has taken over the World
    - But Digital Printing Penetration is Small
    - Digital Printing has Tremendous Growth Potential
  • Why is Digital Printing such a Small Proportion of Global Industrial Printing?
  • How can the Transformation to Digital Printing Accelerate?
  • Introducing DISC – Automated Ink Management System
    - Meters, Mixes & Dispenses Ink for Use in Industrial Digital Printing
    - Ultrasonic Mixing Technology
    - Centralized Database Allows Monitoring, Forecasting & Supply Chain Management
    - Allows Customers to Purchase Components & Produce Ink On-Demand & On-Site
    - Cost to Print Reductions Can Exceed 50%
  • Target Applications Presently Provide High Volume Printing Services & are Converting Analog to Digital Processes
    - Textile Mills
    - Print Providers